Company Formation

Company Formation
Companies House Filing Fee (£12)
Certificate of Incorporation
Share Certificate(s)
Memorandum & Articles of Association
Maintain Statutory Books
Legal Contracts and Notices Package
London Registered Business Address
London Company Service Address
London Personal Service Address
Company Phone Number
UTR Registration
Corporation Tax Registration
VAT Registration
Confirmation statement
Opening a Personal Bank Account
Opening a Business Bank Account
Payment Providers (Stripe, PayPal, GoCardless, etc)
PAYE Registration
ICO Registration
Accounting Client Registration
Annual Chartered Accountant Service Fee
Consulting Fee
  • Company formation service requires a copy of passport, notarized copy of passport for passport verification, bank statement for address verification. You need to submit those files after you complete your order. If you don't submit the necessary documentation, our representatives will try to reach you by using your contact information on your account. For this reason, please put the correct information on every field on this website.